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providing entrepreneurial consulting services, employee training, and feasibility studies.

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Executive Summary in Prohub

Prohub Consultants Inc is a Toronto-based company specializing in providing entrepreneurial consulting services, employee training, and feasibility studies. The Company’s consulting services are designed to help clients improve their sales and marketing strategies, further strengthening their businesses’ market positions.

Moreover, clients who opt for Prohub Consultants Inc’s services will be provided with advice on their investment allocations, as the Company will prepare feasibility studies that will map out all the opportunities and risks of running a certain business.

As employees are the lifeblood of any business, Prohub Consultants Inc’s operations will also be aimed at training them. This will ultimately lead to higher productivity – when employees know they have a supportive employer, they are more engaged and enthusiastic about performing at a high level


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Prohub Consultants Inc is currently located at 150 King Street Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J9.

Prohub Consultants Inc’s business consulting services will aid individuals, start-ups, and existing businesses in deciding on the type of business they want to run.

The courses will encompass training in sales, marketing, branding, and advising the companies’ leaders on how to succeed in a digital environment using social media tools.

By proposing feasibility plans for individual investors, banks, and financial institutes’ credit lines, the Company will aid its clients find suitable investors.

The Company focused its operations on assisting new and existing Toronto-based companies to become more profitable and achieve their organizational goals.



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